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Leave Sand At The Shoreline: Keeping Sand Out Of Your Truck Bed

by Jesus Turner

If you have just moved to the coast and are planning to visit the beach as much as you can, be aware that beach sand is insidious. If you've spent your life inland, you may not have had the experience of finding out just how quickly sand grains can multiply and take over your home (at least it seems like that's what they're doing). If you're going to drive your truck to the beach, you have the additional issue of trying to keep sand out of the truck bed, where it can get stuck, scratch the paint, and turn into a crusty layer that's nearly impossible to rinse out. While it's difficult to keep all sand away from your truck bed, you can certainly keep a large amount away by following these four strategies.

Cover the Truck Bed

No matter what you do to avoid bringing sand into the truck, that's not going to stop the sea breezes from depositing a few grains here and there. Exclude wind-driven sand by covering the bed, either with a temporary canvas liner or something more solid like a tonneau cover.

Line the Bed

Just covering the bed isn't enough, though, especially if you'll be carting your belongings in the bed. Ensure the bed is lined with something that you can either remove or that covers all of the crevices and crannies that trap sand. You can use a plastic tarp, for example, and carefully remove it when you get home from the beach, or you can add a more permanent plastic or rubber bed liner that you can brush out once you're home.

Rinse Everything

Don't toss your stuff in the bed once you're done with the beach. Bring everything over to the beach showers and rinse off chairs, toys, surfboards, bodyboards, and yourself. Don't try to rinse items like towels after you've dried off; shake them out (away from the truck), but then store them in clean trash bags. Water from the shower will only turn any trapped sand into a muddy mess. When you get home, shake the towels out again while standing well away from the truck.

Brush Your Legs and Feet

After you wash off at the showers, you'll still have to walk over to the parking lot -- and your feet can kick up sand onto your legs, bag, and anything else you're carrying along the way. Before putting anything into the bed, use a soft brush to remove any new sand from your bag and other items. Also brush off your legs and feet to prevent sand from getting into the cab of the truck.

Talk to truck accessory dealers, like Hillsboro Industries, about additional ways to keep sand out. Those dealers who are located near the coast will be very familiar with the problem of sand and will have more strategies that you can try.