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The Advantages Of Vehicle Waxing During Professional Detailing Service

by Jesus Turner

Vehicle owners should have their automobiles washed every few weeks so the exterior stays in excellent condition. In regions where road salt is a factor during the winter, more frequent washing is advisable. Choosing the wax option at the automatic car wash isn't necessary as long as the owner brings the vehicle to a car detailing service on occasion. Waxing the exterior every three months protects against ultraviolet light, air pollution, and various kinds of debris.

Protection Against Organic Debris

The application of high-quality wax safeguards the clear resin coat covering the paint. That keeps the vehicle looking like new. It prevents organic debris from accumulating on the auto body. Pollen, tree sap, and bird droppings can gradually wear down the clear coat, leaving the paint with less protection.

It might seem like pollen and bird droppings are too soft to cause harm. However, both are acidic substances and thus cause corrosion.

After waxing, the owner can see how effective the service is by watching raindrops bead up and slide off. No streaks appear, unlike on vehicles without the coating.

Protection Against Other Substances

Wax also protects against other damaging substances. Exposure to ultraviolet light gradually fades vehicle paint, even though manufacturers have significantly improved the UV resistance of automobile paint over time. Air pollution also takes its toll, especially when it is acidic.

Appearance Improvement

Waxing fills in tiny flaws on the exterior. Minute dings, chips, and scratches are barely visible, but they still make the surface look uneven in spots. Those flawed areas also can accumulate bits of dirt and other grime if wax is not present.


How often should an automobile be waxed? Once each season is the standard recommendation. Some vehicle owners can get by with having professional detailing twice each year. Their car is parked in a garage at home, and it doesn't sit in a workplace parking lot all day.

If the owner travels many miles each year or sometimes drives on gravel roads, more frequent waxing is advisable. The same is true for a vehicle that spends a fair amount of time in heavy traffic congestion. Soot from vehicle exhaust settles onto the exterior.

Choosing a Service

Vehicle owners might like to choose a detailing shop that provides various upgrade services. A customer could be interested in window tinting, for instance. There may be a plan to upgrade the car stereo system in the near future. This person can request a specific upgrade to be completed during the same appointment for the detailing work. 

To learn more, contact a car detailing service.