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Heading Off Road? 3 Must-Haves To Take Your Non-4X4 Truck Off Road

by Jesus Turner

Owning a pickup truck is great for transporting long, large, and heavy items, but it can also be a great investment for fun and adventure. Of course, going into the woods or mud for fun or for an actual need can be challenging when driving a standard truck with stock parts and accessories. Unfortunately, purchasing and fueling a 4-wheel drive truck is more expensive compared to your standard pickup.  However, a few upgrades can ensure your standard pickup gets in and out of the dirt, brush, or mud without any problems. Using these must-haves for your standard pickup truck, you can head off road without having 4-wheel drive.


You can drive your stock tires off road, but they may struggle making it in and out without any problems. Fortunately, you can replace the stock tires on your truck with specialty versions.

All-terrain tires are smart investments if you plan on driving your pickup truck both on and off the road, but you should pay attention to the tread the tires offer. If you are planning on more off-road driving, make sure the tires have wide spaces between the tread. If your truck will be used for more traditional driving than 4x4 adventures, select all-terrain tires that offer smaller spaces between the tread.

Lastly, be sure to choose tires that fit your truck. Since your new tires will be larger in size and thickness compared to your stock tires, they may not fit your truck. To avoid the installation of a lift kit, choose all-terrain tires in the largest size possible for your specific truck.

Lift Kit

If you are hoping to maximize the success of your new, all-terrain or specialty tires, install a lift kit on your truck. A lift kit can turn your standard model pickup truck into a tough truck that gets through harsh terrain without the use of 4-wheel drive capabilities.

Lift kits increase the clearance between the ground and the truck's underbody, which allows for larger, thicker, and more rugged tires.


Driving through rough terrain can be dangerous for you and your truck, so having the right equipment in your toolbox is smart. Here are a few items to place in your pickup before heading off road:

  • Straps – Your truck may get stuck, even with the above upgrades. Placing a set of tow straps into your truck bed is smart so other trucks are able to tow you out when necessary.
  • Inflator – Driving through rough terrain can wreak havoc on your tire pressure, increasing your risk of a flat tire or getting stuck. A  battery-powered tire inflator is a great option for your tool box.

Investing in a brand new, 4x4 pickup truck may be a dream, but it is not financially feasible for many people. Using this guide, you can get your standard pickup truck ready for off-road adventures without 4-wheel drive. For more information, contact a specialist like The Hitch House.