Learning About Header and Exhaust Upgrades

  • 3 Signs That Your Transmission Is Failing

    4 June 2015

    The transmission of your car is a very important part. Many people fail to pay close attention to the health of the transmission, which can be very dangerous. This is because the transmission is not only important to the functioning of the car, but it is also one of the most expensive things to replace. This is why you should always be checking to make sure that the transmission is working properly and getting repairs if not.

  • Avoiding Flat Car Batteries In Extreme Cold

    11 March 2015

    What's worse than freezing your way through negative temperatures on your way to work? How about a flat battery that refuses to start? Extreme cold has a great way of sapping your battery of power and leaving you stranded. But, how does this work? And what can you do to stop it? Follow these basic procedures to avoid this annoying (and costly) problem. Reasons Cold Causes a Flat Battery Chemistry is the culprit when it comes to a cold caused flat battery.

  • Pimping Your Ride: All About Window Tint Laws And Exemptions

    7 March 2015

    While window tint is a necessity in states with bright sun, like Florida or Southern California, some car owners use it for other purposes. Laws vary from state to state as to what degree of tinting is allowed, but there are exceptions to these laws. Window Tinting In a Nutshell Window tinting's main purpose is obviously to block a certain level of light from entering your car. It protects you and your car's interior from being damaged by ultra-violet rays, and increases visibility by blocking glare.

  • Great Ways To Protect Your Car Over The Years

    6 March 2015

    If you own a car, it's important to protect it over the years so that you don't have to worry as much about repairs. This doesn't have to be difficult when you take these steps. Put an Undercoating on Car When it comes to keeping your car's paint and parts intact, you need to put an undercoating on it. There are many advantages to doing this. For one, it adds an additional layer of protection and insulation to your car's undercarriage.